J. C. Garber Scholarship Application


IES Portland Oregon Section J.C. Garber Scholarship Program 2018

The Portland Oregon Section of the IES is pleased to offer the J.C. Garber Scholarship to the membership. One scholarship in the amount of $2,000 is available.  Children, dependents, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, and parents of current members in good standing who have been a member for at least one year are eligible to apply.  Students are not required to attend school in Oregon, but must be attending or planning to attend an accredited college, university or post-secondary institute on a full time basis. Past scholarship recipients are not eligible.

Fill in the application form, with the following attachments:

1.   Verification of acceptance to the accredited college, university or post-secondary institute you plan to attend on a full time basis.

2.   Your most current transcript.

3.   An essay discussing your scholarship application, interest in your field-of-study, goals at school and after graduation.  The essay is to be typed, double-spaced and no more than 2 pages.

4.   Provide two letters of recommendation.  One recommendation must be from the applicant’s teacher or employer/supervisor.  Both letters should address the applicant’s overall character, class participation, academic potential and work activities, if applicable.   Include contact info for references:  e-mail and/or phone number.

Note:   Info should be submitted as one package via e-mail (preferred) or to the PO Box listed below.

Selection Criteria

The IES Portland Oregon Section will evaluate the applications according to the following criteria: Academic Performance, Community Involvement, Field of Study, Essay and Employment History, if applicable.

E-Mail or Mail the completed application to:

Jennifer Blake

IES Portland Section

PO Box 40605

Portland, Oregon 97240



Questions will also be answered at above e-mail address







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 Accredited college, university or post-secondary institute you plan to attend:                               

 Planned field of study:                                                                                                              

 List in order of importance to yourself, three organizations (community, civic, religious, social athletic, etc.) of which you have been a member. What have you accomplished that is important to you at these organizations?








Briefly outline your employment history.                                                                                     




I hereby confirm that all information provided on this application is correct and I understand that any false information automatically disqualifies me from eligibility. I agree to notify the IESNA Portland Oregon Section immediately if my educational program is interrupted or changed in any manner that might jeopardize the interest of the scholarship award. I hereby give the IESNA Portland Oregon Section permission to share this information for the purpose of recruitment, public relations and reports.


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James C. Garber (1914 – 1998) was a Portland lighting dealer and custom manufacturer.  He started his career as an apprentice electrician in the late 1930’s, later working for Fredrick Baker at the F.C. Baker Company.  Baker saw something more in the young electrician and he eventually became Baker’s primary assistant working in architectural sales, design and directing manufacturing.

 He eventually left the employ of his mentor to start the J.C. Garber Lighting Company where he would carry on the tradition of custom lighting for architecture.  He shifted his focus from the traditional cast lighting forms of the F.C. Baker Company to the more contemporary forms of the time.  He continued with the business until 1996, just two years prior to his death.  During his working life he had a major influence in the lighting of buildings, counting among his clients three generations of the finest Architects, Engineers and Lighting Designers of the time.  His client list read like a Who’s Who of design in Portland.

 Mr. Garber was completely committed to quality, design and business integrity.  His high level of integrity was the stuff of legend.  He was always straightforward in his dealings and expected the same from his clients and customers. 

 He was a man of his time - a formal man.  He was always “Mr. Garber.”  Few people knew him on a first name basis, and even they referred to him as “Mr. Garber” in a business context.  He was passionate about his work and if he believed in you, he was very generous with his time.  He carried on Baker’s tradition:  If he saw the drive, talent and desire in a person, he would spend the time to educate them.  In the process, he mentored our finest designers in the art of lighting.  Today they are still passing his lessons along.